17 Merk Forklift Terkenal

Inilah 17 Merk Forklift Terkenal yang palingbanyak digunakan di dunia industri di Indonesia. Kami MSJ Group Indonesia adalah perusahaan yg bergerak di bidang penjualan, service, rental, dan spare-parts forklift. 

1. Volvo Forklift

Volvo Forklift is a Swedish company that produces lifting equipment and industrial trucks. Volvo has specialized in the development of truck lifts for use in warehouses, factories, and homes. Volvo started as a repair shop where it was important to provide the best service possible.

2. TCM  Forklift

This first truck had features comparable to today's loaders. Examples include the hydraulic system for raising and lowering the fork, the rear steering wheel on the right side of the driver's seat, and a lifting handle. This is the origin of TCM (abbreviated to Toyo Carriers Manufacturing).

Who makes TCM forklifts?

It is Mitsubishi Corporation. As part of the giant Mitsubishi Corporation, TCM is a member of the world's top three forklift and engineering organizations. Throughout its 60-year history, TCM has inherited the best technologies and innovations from its integrated loader product line.

More Info: www.linkedin.com

3. Tadano Forklift

Tadano Ltd. is one of the world's largest manufacturers of hydraulic mobile cranes with wide product ranges. Tadano's success is supported by innovative design and high quality distribution and after-sales service networks.

The company was established in 1948 and has grown as a group that encompasses 30 subsidiary/affiliate companies, with 4 manufacturing plants in Japan as well as plants in Germany, China, USA and Thailand.

The products are: All Terrain Cranes: 40 - 400 tons, Truck Cranes: 35 - 60 tons, Rough Terrain Cranes: 12 - 145tons, and Tadano Ltd. is also producing Telescopic Boom Crawler Cranes ranging from 30 tons up to 120tons.

4. Sumitomo Forklift

Sumitomo NACCO Forklift Co., Ltd. Development, Manufacturing and Sales of forklift trucks, logistics machinery and equipment. More info: https://sumitomonacco.co.jp

5. Samsung Forklift

Samsung presents a solution for improving the efficiency of your warehouse workforce and enable them to stay connected with Samsung’s material handling and forklift solutions that allow access to rugged tablets with powerful accessories.

6. Sakai Forklift


7. Kubota Forklift


8. Komatsu Forklift

There are many types of Komatsu lift trucks; ones powered by engines and others powered by batteries. The company has a wide selection that can be used in many different situations.

9. Kobelco Forklift


10. Kato Forklift


11. Isuzu Forklift


12. Hyundai Forklift


13. Hitachi Forklift


14. Doosan Forklift

Doosan implements an extensive array of electric forklifts to increase your productivity and profitability. They offer Class I, II, and III products.
Website: doosanlift.com/

15. Daewoo Forklift

Daewoo was acquired by Doosan Corp in 2005. They make 133 separate models of varying engine/battery configurations and range from 3,000 to 55,000 pounds.

16. Cummins


17. CAT Forklift


Cat Lift Trucks is a leading manufacturer of forklift trucks and material handling equipment. The company is a distributor with over 80 years of experience in the industry and promote multiple items which enhance productivity, including forklifts and warehouse equipment.

Website: www.catlifttruck.com/