Ever Star Scissor Lift CFPT1012LDS

The Ever Star Scissor Lift CFPT1012LDS is a versatile and efficient piece of equipment designed to elevate workers and their tools to the desired height for various tasks. The scissor lift is commonly used in construction, maintenance, and industrial settings, where reaching elevated areas is necessary. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and applications of the Ever Star Scissor Lift CFPT1012LDS.


The Ever Star Scissor Lift CFPT1012LDS has several notable features that make it stand out from other scissor lifts in the market. Firstly, it has a maximum platform height of 10 meters, making it suitable for tasks that require working at heights. 

Secondly, the lift's platform can carry up to 300kg, allowing for the transportation of heavy tools and equipment. Thirdly, the lift has a compact design, which allows for easy maneuverability in tight spaces. Finally, the lift is battery-powered, eliminating the need for a power source, making it suitable for outdoor use.


The Ever Star Scissor Lift CFPT1012LDS has several benefits that make it a popular choice among workers and businesses. Firstly, the lift's compact design allows it to access areas that larger lifts cannot reach, making it a versatile tool in various industries. Secondly, the lift's battery-powered system reduces noise and emissions, making it an environmentally friendly option. Thirdly, the lift's easy-to-use control panel allows for precise positioning, ensuring the safety of the operator and other workers.


The Ever Star Scissor Lift CFPT1012LDS has several applications across different industries. In the construction industry, it is commonly used for installing electrical systems, painting, and drywall installation. In the maintenance industry, it is used for servicing and repairing high-rise buildings, streetlights, and signs. In the industrial sector, it is used for machinery installation, inventory management, and cleaning.

Product Description: 

The Crawler Aerial Work Platform with Outriggers (model CFPT1012LDS) is a hydraulic drive, electric propelled scissor lift designed for high-altitude operations. Equipped with rubber crawlers and outriggers, it can travel over rough terrain and extend up to a maximum working height of 9.75m. The platform size is 2270x1120mm with a load capacity of 320kg and a maximum number of workers of 2.

Standard Configuration: 

Proportional control, emergency stop button, safety maintenance support, overload sensor with alarm, self-lock gate on platform, tubing explosion-proof system, standard forklift slot, chassis-to-platform air duct, extension platform, fault diagnosis system, charging protection system, platform work light, rubber crawler, tilt protection system, strobe lamp, automatic brake system, buzzer, foldable guardrail, top limit protection auto-stop device, and non-marking rubber crawler.

Optional Configuration: 

AC power on the platform, overload limit, platform work light, and platform extension size.


  • Load Capacities: 320kg (platform), 113kg (extended platform)
  • Maximum Working Height: 9.75m
  • Maximum Platform Height: 8m
  • Maximum Number of Workers: 2
  • Overall Length (including ladder): 3.5m
  • Overall Length (excluding ladder): 3.2m
  • Platform Size: 2270x1120mm
  • Platform Extension Size: 900mm
  • Minimum Turning Radius: 2.4m
  • Lifting Motor: 48V/4.5Kw
  • Traveling Motor: 2X48V/4Kw
  • Machine Running Speed (Stowed): 2.4Km/h
  • Rising/Descending Speed: 70/62sec
  • Batteries: 8x6V/200Ah
  • Tilt Protection System: Yes
  • Strobe Lamp: Yes
  • Chassis-to-Platform Air Duct: Yes
  • Gradeability: 30%
  • Overall Weight: 3240kg
In conclusion, the Ever Star Scissor Lift CFPT1012LDS is a versatile and efficient piece of equipment that offers several benefits to workers and businesses. Its compact design, battery-powered system, and easy-to-use control panel make it suitable for various applications, including construction, maintenance, and industrial sectors. Investing in this lift can improve workers' safety, increase productivity, and save time and money in the long run.