Hyster Forklifts Buying Guides

Hyster makes all kinds of heavy duty vehicles, and among them are some of the better forklifts. They've got five classes of Hyster forklifts: lift trucks (a standard forklift), pallet trucks, narrow aisle trucks, order pickers, and turret trucks.

Like most other companies, Hyster has a wide variety of lifting vehicles (130 by their count). They're organized into the basic types above, but there is a lot of variety. One of the things Hyster has going for it compared to many of the other companies is heavy lifting capacity. If you are moving cargo containers around or something similarly large.


Hyster's products go well beyond what most others can do. Their upper limit on forklift lifting capacity is 115,000 pounds. At that point it's not really a traditional forklift but instead more of a giant truck that runs on a similar principle. But they've also got a lot of lower end vehicles that can fit within a variety of weight ranges. You can also get them used online for a discount:

Hyster has multiple web sites - a global one, and then one for individual countries. The global one is here, but frankly it's pretty pointless other than to direct you to your specific country. It doesn't contain much information on the actual Hyster forklift products. If you're in the Americas, then you can go to a better page here. That site has actual information on the models, etc., and where to contact authorized dealers and buy new parts.

One other thing you might want to look into with regards to Hyster is their forklift parts area here. They're big into selling remanufactured forklift parts - they're used, but they go through and test them, refurbish them, etc. to make sure that they meet quality standards. That can be a lot better than trying to buy used yourself, as most people aren't qualified to tell whether or not a used part is really still good.

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