Komatsu Forklifts Buying Guides

Komatsu Forklift makes forklifts that are both electric and gas-powered. You can get some pretty good models from them, and there's a wide variety to pick from.

Komatsu forklifts come in a number of different types, and which one you want depends on your needs. Gas powered is going to get you better speed and power, but it's going to cost more. Electricity is cheap, gas is expensive. You can get some pretty good lift, however. 

They sell models with both cushioned tires and pneumatic tires. The pneumatic tire forklifts are a higher-end model and have much more lift capacity - up to 35,000 pounds for the most powerful. If you get cushion tires, you can only get 3,000 to 10,000 pound capacity.

All the Komatsu forklift models have features that you'll be interested in - one of the better ones is a reduction in noise and vibrations along with ergonomic design of the chairs. This is designed to reduce injury and fatigue to the operator. That's great from the perspective of a business owner - you can keep them running longer and avoid minor injuries that will cost you valuable work time.

Komatsu electric forklifts have a little less variety. There are only a few models, and it doesn't seem like they've gotten as heavily into that field as some other companies have. One thing Komatsu does have more of, however, is variety in terms of the "alternate" lifting machines. 

A lot of these are becoming really popular these days because unlike traditional forklifts, they are more maneuverable and can fit into smaller spaces. Komatsu has multiple different, unconventional designs - from a Stand Up Rider/Walkie to "Stackers" and "Order Pickers" that don't take up anywhere near as much room as a regular forklift.

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